live your life happy

Personal Guidance

As a child, you had plenty of people to help guide you along your journey.  But now what? With all of the distractions of the day, it’s often difficult to focus on your own personal wants and needs.  As women, we’re managing homes, running kids around, working full time, and barely making it through the day.  It’s time to realize your worth, and that you can best help others when you first help yourself.

It’s challenging to be your own cheerleader.   You need a professional to give you an unbiased perspective, and that anything is possible if you have commitment and patience.   Your situation is unique, and we can help you step by step, one day at a time, make the changes you want to make to live your life healthy and happy.




DP Fitness introduces The Accountability Program, to put your goals within reach.

You’ll get 1 on 1 coaching in real time via text messages and reminders. Exercise guidance, nutritional tips and “tough love” are all at your fingertips. Your Accountability Program begins with a Discovery Session to identify your specific goals and to create your personalized regimen to reach those goals. The Accountability Program is affordable. It’s effective. And it’s designed to keep you going in the right direction with everything you’ve got.

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